I am going to become a dog walker. The more time with puppies the better.

I’m starting to wake up earlier and earlier. Today I woke up at 5am, and I watched the sunrise.

This day is totally fucked but that’s okay because I just got to spend time with a puppy outside my job.

Are You That Somebody?

Artist: Banks
Album: Are You That Somebody? - Single

Wooden Ships

Artist: Atmosphere
Album: Feat. Slug

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April Come She Will

Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Album: Sounds Of Silence

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Meditation of the Snake

Artist: Steve Hillage
Album: Fish Rising


Rose Byrne & Heath Ledger, Las Vegas 1999. Photographed by Rupert Thorpe. 

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Too often, the only escape is sleep.

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Sleep? What’s that?

Harsh Realm

Artist: Widowspeak
Album: Widowspeak

Ten Years Gone

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Physical Graffiti (2 of 2)

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No Embrace


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animals will always be better than humans because they don’t talk back to you and they are legitimately concerned about you when you are feelin’ some type of way. and they are so cute wtf.  all you have to do is feed and play with and they are yours forever. 

Your complaining bores me.