I’m tryna go see some leaves changing colors, 212ft above a river.

..I know a place.



Artist: Björk
Album: Post

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damn life would b so chill if i was asexual 

I just want to support all the struggling artists out there. If I had the resources I would provide all of you with whatever you needed. So much love for all those who are truly passionate about their craft. I wish I could just sit on that egg till you all hatch. That makes no sense. Whatever I’m feeling the love today. I just desperately want to spread that.


I’m just remembering the most recent time Radiohead went on SNL. Thom Yorke is a wizard. The dude danced like he was having a seizure.

(thom yorke wail)

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Black Country

Artist: Tonstartssbandht
Album: An When

The only way I’ll die happy is if I’ve fulfilled my dream of having tea with Oda Eiichiro.

I think for the first time in a long time I actually have feelings for someone. The romantic kind. It’s been a while since I felt this warmth.

Sometimes you just listen to a song and it can completely change the mood of your day. Sometimes for better, or for worse. Right now it’s the first one.



K, in Queens (film set)

Told K I had nothing planned for this shoot. We walked around my neighborhood and that was really all it took. We came up on an open roof with a mattress and a bike sitting out, some old paints, a plunger. A couple of blocks away an Indian grocery store then a barbershop. A little homage to Jackson Heights. I big thank you to K, you were a pleasure.


Life is still beautiful even when almost everyone you know is a piece of shit

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I have so much time at work that I should have read like 30 novels by now, but here I am on tumblr.


You know what word I love but don’t use nearly enough? Sophistry.

Clipped On

Artist: Blood Orange
Album: Cupid Deluxe

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